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You paint at home, then your items are brought back to the studio for firing

🌸You can choose any item in the store for your kit. 

🌸Please feel free to come in to the studio to browse our items
or click here to browse our item selection online.

🌸Regular kits include paint (red, blue, yellow, black and white), brushes and instructions.

For an extra 5 colors, stencils, stickers, tape and sponges,
here is an extra 10nis surcharge per item.

🌸For 10 or more kits, surcharge will be waived.

🌸Orders are taken by phone,  WhatsApp (0537222696) or email (

🌸Pick up is within 2 hours at the studio for 5 kits or less. For more than 5 kits, 24 hour notice is recommended. Chol chamoed and holidays 48 hours notice is recommended.

 🌸Full payment due at pick-up.


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