Please note that reservations are needed for Chol Chamoed.  All reservations are in 2 hour increments that start on the hour as shown in the calendar, no exceptions.  Reservations will be held for 15 minutes after the hour at which point the spaces will be released for walk-ins. Please arrive 5 minutes before your start-time to check in.  As a courtesy, if you need to cancel, please let us know well in advance. Keep checking periodically for cancellations if you missed out on your desired date and time. 

To maximise your time with us, click here to check out our merchandise and pick the items you would like to paint in advance!

Please note: due to restrictions on the amount of paticipants allowed in the studio, only one non-painter per party will be assigned a seat.  Any others chosing not to paint, will be charged and entrance fee of 45nis.  Thanks for your understanding during these uncertain times!

We strive to follow current MOH guidelines


2, Rechov HaUman,

Ezor Taasiya Bet Shemesh,

Bet Shemesh, 



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