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Opening Hours


To check Chol Hamoed opening hours and

to make your reservations, click here.

Spring opening hours (EXCLUDING PESACH)

for drop-in painiting and item pick-up are:
Sunday to Wednesday: 11am to 5pm

Thursday: 2pm to 8pm

EVERY OTHER friday: 10am to 2pm

(call Thursday to find out if we open the following day)
Motzash: Closed

Click  here for upcoming motzash events.

For hours and infrmation on our pottery-making classes

click here.


Please note: 

The studio is available for private bookings

of 35 painters or more (45 painters min. during chol chamoed) during regular opening hours. 

We are happy to open off-hours for 

groups of  8 or more painters.

Please call 0537222696 or click here for more infomation

on parties, group events, remote events, smachot, bridal showers , yomei gibush and team building.

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